Perfect pictures, blogs and Instagram posts, why it will drive you crazy!

As you know I started this blog and my Instagram account as therapy. And unfortunately as I gained more followers on Instagram and small Indie brands who sent me products to swatch this no longer became therapy. I am a person of my word so if I agree with you to do a nail collab, or swatch a nail polish and review tools then I am going to do that. 

Those things are not a problem in themselves, but when you have a chronic illness you need balance and to frankly just say no at times. It is ok, opportunities are not limited to that one day or week or year. They will come around again.

But back to the title. Trying to be perfect in anything is futile. I have learned that photo editing and filters make Instagram go round. I love to swatch nail polish but apparently my pictures will never be perfect and can I say it’s such a relief. So no there will not be polish makers flooding my inbox with swatch requests and that’s okay with me.

I started this as an outlet for me and anyone else who was dealing with a chronic illness, not to become a business or my life. I am happy being the wife and mom whose photos aren’t perfect, who doesn’t post to Instagram daily and whose blog might just ramble at times. 

So there you have it, put in work, do what you love but throw perfection out the window. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember as I keep nailing MS one mani at a time, you keep fighting your illness one hobby at a time!

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  1. Yes girl! I find myself taking dozens of photos that are marginally different at best. Then I usually just use the first one I took anyways because they all look the same after flicking through for the better part of an hour. I think I need to just accept that I am not a photographer. I am a nail technician. 😂😂

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    1. Nailing MS! says:

      That’s what I do as well 😂😂 and then have no space bc of a zillion pics that look exactly the same


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