How Painting my nails has taught me Patience!

Hi lovelies and fellow warriors! Today is a topic on patience. Patience not just in painting my nails but also dealing with my MS. How so you may ask?

Well, first in order to get a professional looking manicure, I have learned it takes time and patience. If you are in a rush the more polish seems too flood your cuticle and skin. Also if you are in a rush, you probably don’t take the time for proper cleanup and that is usually why your manicure or nail art especially doesn’t turn out they way you had hoped. So the lesson is take your time painting your nails, make it a time of relaxation and enjoyment.

That has translated over to my every day dealings with MS. I have found the more I rush, the more tired I become and the less I get done. So it really becomes counter productive to rush because usually I end up repeating those chores or activities. 

The same is true with my nail polish. I end up painting my nails over and over because I rushed and don’t like the outcome. Which again, is counter productive. 

The other lesson for me is to plan ahead. Now that I have an Instagram, blog and an ambassador to a nail art subscription box, I have to plan ahead on the necessary tasks.

The same is true with my MS. The necessary tasks of cleaning, and resting have to be planned out. I know that I can handle only a few activities in any given day. I have also been teaching my boys while they are on summer vacation how to help. This has lessened my load quite a bit.

So my word of the day is patience. Whether you are a nail artist or just want your nails to look nice, be patient. Or if you are struggling everyday with a chronic illness, be patient and know your limitations. It’s ok for those dishes not be washed or the laundry to pile up if you need to rest. Those things will still be there and delegate. We must take care of ourselves if we expect to take care of others. 

So I am signing off with Happy Monday and I will continue to Nail MS one mani at a time!


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