Nail Artist Spotlight: Aloominus

Hi guys! Today and I spotlighting an amazing nail artist. Her name is Arin she  lives in Colorado and is a stay at home mom of 3 boys ages 10, 9 and 7.5. She has been married for almost 14 years to her husband Kevin. 

She is an extreme geek, being a part of many fandoms and can’t live without Korean dramas. She’s always been obsessed with having beautiful nails and would get her nails professionally done regularly. After marriage and kids, nails took a back seat. Now that her children are school age and she finds more time for herself, she has become a self-taught nail artist. 

Through nail art she is able to express her artistic side, find some femininity in her testosterone filled home and serve as a distraction from the daily struggles of fibromyalgia.

As you can see she also suffers from chronic illness and has found that nail polish is therapy. We have formed a support system for one another because of our illness but more importantly faith.

So we have a lot in common and I identify with her on so many levels. And I know that you guys will also. She has an Instagram and just started a YouTube channel. She is an excellent teacher and swatcher. Please support her as I will be linking all of her social media below. So subscribe and support someone who understands the importance of art and taking care of oneself and family. Comment below once you have checked her out and have a wonderful weekend. I will continue Nailing MS one mani at a time!


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