MS made me do it!

Hi guys I know that I have been absent this past week. I am truly sorry and I do apologize. It just seemed like MS took over for a few days and wouldn’t give me my life back.

For those who are struggling with MS or loved ones that have this disease, sometimes it dictates our lives no matter how much we try to control it.

For me I live in Georgia and it’s summer so it is taking its toll. Heat truly affects how you feel. A fellow blogger just wrote a wonderful article on that so I will leave a link here But I had an appointment with the doctor and her first words were, please limit your activity outside, stay hydrated and when you feel overheated please cool down as quickly and safely as possible. So I have been trying to  heed that advice.

So the one question I get is how has that affected my nail therapy? Honestly I have been painting my nails but my fingers are swollen and as I affectionately call them the “fat little sausages” look funny in pictures. But then I thought about it. This blog is not meant to be just the pretty side of my journey. There are the ugly times so I am warning you that you may see “fat little sausages” because it is what it is.

So MS made me do what? It made me realize that it is a major part of my life so I have to deal with it and not allow it to paralyze me with fear. The past few weeks I have been consumed and tired of Dr. appointments, feeling tired from just breathing or having to force myself to take a shower and then nap following. Planning for my next episode. 

I’m not saying that I have this all figured out and that I will definitely not still have days where depression or anxiety or tiredness rule but I will try to not allow those days to become weeks or months or even years. Thanks for your support and patience. These “fat little sausages” are signing off now.

Please let me know how you cope with those bouts of inactivity? 


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  1. I write, read, pray, talk to friends – anything to keep my mind active. I’m a habitual thinker. I believe in thinking to keep the mind’s neuro-immune relationship functioning and its powers of resilience moving. Sometimes, though, you just need to sleep!

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    1. Nailing MS! says:

      Yes prayer is definitely my go to. Thank you for the support.


  2. Trying to stay cool in hot weather is so difficult, seems to be a full time job in the summer!
    When I’m stuck in I just try to do as much creative stuff as I can. Photographs, blog posts and making things. Things that will keep my happily amused. xxx

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    1. Nailing MS! says:

      Such a good idea. I need to learn to make those the happy days.

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  3. alyssabowman says:

    My goodness I know it must be hot in Georgia. I am in North Carolina and it is miserable. My doctor told me the same it is best to stay inside because this heat is horrible. If only I could work from home! I totally understand about the hands too. I have had swelling and have to remove my rings. It is so uncomfortable. I hope you stay cool and I hope you start feeling better!


    1. Nailing MS! says:

      North Carolina is also hot. So we really are MS sisters.


      1. alyssabowman says:

        My goodness when I left work my car said it was 101 degrees. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for summer to be over! Glad to have a MS sister!

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      2. Nailing MS! says:

        I agree Summer is not my friend. I Love Fall so I’m ready. Oh no I can’t imagine getting into a car right now. We are in this together.


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