Nail stamping!!!

I love nail art. It makes your manicure look like you are a professional. My look today was because of nail stamping. Nail stamping is when you pick up an image from a plate and stamp it on your nails. It is an easy way to jazz up your nails, but it does take getting the hang of it. 

Here is a look at the tools I used for this manicure: 

  1. Stamper 

2. Stamping Plate

3. Scraper

4. Nail Polishes

I first painted Zoya Lillian on my nails. I allowed this to completely dry and then I applied a quick dry top coat. Then I used Square Hue Lengha as my stamping polish. This coffee themed mani perked me right up.

I am branching out in the world of nail art.  If you would like a step by step post of how I stamp along with pictures please comment below.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Oooh i love this! I went through a phase of loving nail art but i was terrible at it … love your blog!x


    1. Nailing MS! says:

      Thank you so much. I am still learning but loving stamping.


    1. Nailing MS! says:

      Thank you 😘

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