Taking time for oneself and the GUILT we feel.

Today is one of those days, when people will look at me and say those dreaded words “You don’t look sick.” Well today came about because of days of doing very little. And those days of doing very little bring about GUILT.

 Guilt over the fact that everyone else may have to cater to you. So you may begin to feel worthless. Which in turn can lead to depression.

I also have children so I have the guilt that they should have a better mom. One who can do things with them instead of always having to tell them no. 

The guilt of being a wife and having a husband who has to take on all of the secular work but also at times the housework. 

And also the guilt of friendships. Always weighing out the pros and cons of making plans. The guilt of having to say no altogether or cancel at the last minute because you don’t feel good or are just too tired. 

If we allow it the guilt can take over. The guilt can make us feel like giving up. That is why I am a firm believer in taking the days where you have to do nothing and doing just that nothing. Refresh yourself so that you can use other days to be a “better” wife, mom and friend. Or a better husband, father and friend. We need to recognize our limitations and find the things we like. My blog is that outlet. My nail polish and Dr. Who are those outlets. 

Find yours and please share the ways you feel guilty because of your chronic illness.


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  1. It’s so inspiring that you’re fighting your illness with not just courage & strength, but also and understanding of your limitations and such positivity. I have no doubt that you’re being the best wife, mother & friend that you can be given your illness and I’m sure everyone in your life loves you for it. ❤

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    1. Nailing MS! says:

      Thank you those words mean so much.

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