Learning is key! 

Hi guys I decided to take a few days off from my blog and to just sit back and learn. For me sometimes I want instant gratification. Well nail swatching, Instagram followers and blog followers just don’t happen. You have to put in work and sometimes just learn. 

So that has been my focus. Looking at blogs, searching accounts and reaching out to others to get constructive criticism. I have been very happy with the feedback. The nail community is so supportive. I am happy that most don’t view a newbie as a threat but as someone they can help. 

If you read my last blog then you know I have been suffering from vertigo. This has not eased up and has taken its toll so that is another reason I did not feel like writing. My brain seems to be in a fog. But I decided to not allow that to stop me. Multiple Sclerosis and its effects cannot take over my life. I will not bow down but I will respect the disease and continue to push on.

What am I pushing on to? Being a better me. A better wife, a better mother and a better blogger and swatcher. I do this for me and my therapeutic needs. I do this so that I have something to do other than think about the pain or the limitations.

That is why I say learning is key. I have to learn my limitations, my strengths and weaknesses.  So if you have any constructive criticism please feel free to leave them in the comments. I do not want negativity but I do want to be better. What would you like to see my next blog cover? 

And that is all for today. So I hope that every one is having a wonderful weekend and if you are in Georgia staying dry. 


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