Vertigo and how it landed me in the hospital.

I know I said that this blog would focus on how nail polish is my therapy and I wouldn’t focus on Multiple Sclerosis per say, but sometimes MS slaps you in the face and you have to address it.

Multiple Sclerosis is a big part of my life. I understand that I must talk about it to cope with it, and what better way to do that, than with a blog post.

For the past two weeks I have had a buzzing in my head and it felt like I was hearing white noise. Now, as a caution once you are diagnosed with MS, it cannot become the catch all for every symptom that happens to you. So you have to be careful with “Oh well this is just my MS, because sometimes it may be something totally different so always check with your doctor.

But back to the regularly scheduled program. So two weeks ago the buzzing and white noise started. It would come and go and after diagnosing myself on the Internet I decided to just endure it. I thought it was side effects of stopping Cymbalta cold turkey. That’s anther post another day. So I just figured once all of it was out of my system that I would feel better. 

Well, yesterday it was the last straw. When I moved the buzzing was constant, my balance was off and my eyes began to be sensitive to light and noise. I truly felt like I was going insane. So I called my doctor and she said either take steroids or if it’s really bad, go to  the ER. So after deciding 6 days on steroids and I still have to endure off to the ER I go.

So, the physician assistant who did his residency in neurosurgery was the best. After trying to make me follow his finger with my head and me becoming nauseous he went to talk to the on call doctor. Whom I never saw by the way. He comes back and says “Good news you are suffering from vertigo, this is not a result of coming off a medicine and that it’s just MS”. Good news and yet that sentence ended with it’s just MS. But it was good that it wasn’t more serious, but now new symptom, new gift. 

Vertigo, isn’t that movie and what  does that really mean? Well again I leave links for definitions because my brain will have you thinking I’m one foot in the grave. But I am happy that MS decided to give me another gift to share with you all.

It’s four thirty in the morning and I just had to share. Thank you for listening to the   rambling of my MS life and maybe later I will watch Vertigo and paint my nails. For more craziness and humor hit that follow button and tell me your craziness. We are all in this thing called “Life” together. Oh and by the way, because I know that you are dying to know, I went all the way to the hospital just for them to tell me to take steroids for 6 days, most expensive second opinion ever….


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  1. Hope you feel better soon! I ended up in hospital on a drip with it a couple of years ago. Was not a nice experience. Never seen that film though! xxx

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    1. nailpolishwhovian says:

      What kind of drip were you on?

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      1. Just for fluids. I was really sick with the vertigo and couldn’t keep any fluids down so became really dehydrated. Luckily it hasn’t happened to that degree again. xxx

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      2. nailpolishwhovian says:

        I originally thought it was side effects of stopping Cymbalta cold turkey.

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      3. I think I would have thought that too! xxx


  2. sylvia615 says:

    Finally read all of your blogs. I’m glad you’ve found something that you enjoy. 🙂

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    1. nailpolishwhovian says:

      Thank you. It is much needed therapy.


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